Thank you for your decision to apply to receive an evaluation which may be used for advance standing for the trade hours you have obtained in your home country. Before you submit your application for further processing please ensure that you have submitted and completed all questions. Any missing supporting documents could cause major delay in the processing of your application.

You are responsible for assembling the necessary supplemental documents. Refer to the pre-assessment page if you require any further details.

Application Steps

  1. Please ensure that you have completed all application forms and gathered all of the information that you will be submitting as part of the application process. To find out more details about trade please visit the webpage located at
  2. You must complete the application form with correct information and submit it along with the Verification of On the Job Experienceapplication in order to receive an assessment. The application forms are available under the specified trade areas Please remember to sign the application forms. All documents submitted as part of the assessment process MUST be in English as well as be notarized. You are required to complete two forms as part of the assessment process:
    • Verification of On the Job Experience
    • Application for Trade Assessment
  3. What evidence do I need to submit along with my application?The following documents are required along with the application form and Verification of On the Job Experience:
    • Two copies of government issued identification (State or Central Government).
    • Two recent passport photos of yourself that are no more than six months old.
    • If you have attended any training, skills recognition, apprenticeship or traineeship, and have obtained documents such as certificates or diplomas please provide a certified true copy.
    • Proof of any industrial or occupational licensing or registration if required. This must also be a certified true copy.
  4. I am unable to supply the Required Information. What should I do?Where past training providers and/or employers no longer exist, or you are unable to approach your current employer for a statement of service, you may submit a personal statement on a properly signed and witnessed Statutory Declaration detailing:
    • The reason/s you are submitting a Statutory Declaration, and exact details of your training and/or employment
    • Attach your statutory Declaration to the “Verification of On the Job Experience” and list exact details of your current and previous employment.
  5. What document should I include in my application if I am Self-Employed?You must provide a properly signed and witnessed Statutory Declaration detailing:
    • The name and nature of your business, exact dates of self-employment and the occupation and the nature and content of the tasks you performed.
    • Number of staff employed and their occupations (if any)
  6. How much does it cost?The cost for application and assessment is CAD $680.00. If you have been asked to pay more than the above fee of CAD $680.00 please contact us at Important: The local partner office charges processing fee for their service which is non refundable and non transferable.
             Payment: We only accept Bank Draft as a method of payment. Please do not send personal/ business cheques. Draft should be payable to IMMSKILLS
         7. Where should I send my Application? Please Mail your completed application to  the Processing Centre at the Address Below:

    Suite 500 – 666 Burrard St,

    Vancouver, British Columbia

     V6C 3P6


    Processing Procedures

  • Immskills verifies all Applications and information provided for processing of the application. Every application received is screened for completion to ensure that all required supporting documentation are enclosed.
  • Applications are cancelled if they are not complete. If an applicant provides supplementary information within 60 days of cancelation, the application will be reconsidered. You will be required to re-submit your application with new processing fee if the 60-day time period has lapsed and you were unable to provide necessary information to support your application.
  • For every application we receive, we contact employers to verify the applicants previous work experience. If we are unable to reach your employer, this may cause delay in the processing of your application.
  • The application will be “approved” or “cancelled” based on assessor’s ability to confirm previous work experience and/or technical training/ education information submitted as part of the application.
  • A result letter is sent to the applicant.
  • If your application is approved it will list the number of credit hours that have been given to based on the assessment.
  • Once the application is approved a letter will be sent to the applicant, which outlines the process for the applicant to follow.
  • IMPORTANT: If the application is completed correctly, and the assessors are able to contact the employers identified in the application, the assessment process is normally completed in 16-18 weeks.

Some of the most common reasons for application delays are

  • Missing supporting documentation
  • Employer contacts cannot be reached
  • Employer could not or would not verify the applicant’s work experience in the trade
  • Verification process indicated the applicant’s experience is in a different trade or occupation
  • False information on the application.