Welders join metals and plastics together using welding equipment.

What do Welders do?

  • Read and interpret blueprints or welding process specifications.
  • Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments.
  • Operate manual or semi-automatic flame-cutting equipment.
  • Operate metal shaping machines.
  • Repair worn parts of metal products by welding on extra layers.
  • Sub-trade – Semiautomatic Welding Production Operator

Welders are routinely required to work closely with other tradespeople, including steel fabricators, steamfitters-pipefitters, boilermakers, carpenters, ironworkers, industrial mechanics (millwrights), electricians, machinists, sheet metal workers and mechanics. It is therefore important that the welder have some knowledge of, and familiarity with, the scope of work of these trades. In some cases, the work of the welder may overlap with that of these trades.

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