Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet Metal Workers use metal of 10 gauge or lighter to make and repair products and buildings.

What do Sheet Metal Workers do?

  • Read engineering and architectural drawings, sketches and work specifications to be performed, and lay out, measure and mark sheet metal according to drawings or templates.
  • Develop patterns for sheet metal using computer-assisted design and drafting (CAD) software package.
  • Operate computerized laser or plasma cutting equipment to cut sheet metal.
  • Operate light metalworking machines.
  • Install sheet metal products according to specifications and building codes.

Key attributes for people entering this trade are mechanical and mathematical aptitude, hand-eye coordination, spatial perception and manual dexterity. Good physical condition is important because the work often requires considerable standing, climbing, lifting and carrying. Hazards of the trade include working with sharp metal pieces, working at heights and heat from welding and cutting processes. Sheet metal workers often have to work in adverse weather and environmental conditions.

Experienced sheet metal workers may become specialists in design and layout, estimators, supervisors or business owners.

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