Motor Vehicle Body Repairer

Motor Vehicle Body Repair workers service, repair, replace and refinish motor vehicle bodies and frames. Motor Vehicle Body Refinishers appraise and refinish motor vehicle bodies.

What do Motor Vehicle Body Repair workers do?

  • Review damage reports and estimates of repair; cost and plan work to be performed.
  • Repair and replace front end components, body components, doors and frame and under body components.
  • Hammer out dents, buckles and other defects using blocks and hammers.
  • File, grind and sand repaired body surfaces using hand and power tools.
  • Apply primers and repaint surfaces using brush or spray guns.
  • Sub-trade – Motor Vehicle Body Refinisher

Working environments vary in this trade. Typically, employees work indoors in an environment that can be noisy and dusty. However, many shops are well ventilated to avert health risks from dust and fumes. Health and safety are important issues for these tradespeople as they are frequently in contact with chemicals (e.g. paints, compounds, solvents) and physical hazards (e.g. frame equipment, sharp metal). Ongoing safety training and a good knowledge of safety standards and regulations are important. Key attributes for people entering this trade are good communication skills, mechanical aptitudes, problem solving skills, an eye for detail, good colour vision, computer literacy and a commitment to ongoing training. Good physical condition and agility are important because the work often requires considerable standing, crawling, lifting, climbing, pulling and reaching.

With experience, journeypersons may move into supervisory positions, start their own business, or become auto damage appraisers for insurance companies. Some of the skills gained as a motor vehicle body repairer may be transferred to other occupations such as sheet metal worker or automotive service technician.

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